About The Lushery

The Lushery was born from the simple understanding that nature has the power to cure all ales. I have always believed this to be true, having seen firsthand its incredible potential to revitalize the undernourished and repair the damaged… but I never thought I could actually use my knowledge to help others in need.

Inspired by my sister’s success with her online hair care company, I suddenly felt this strong, entrepreneurial spirit burning within me. The more research I did into natural products, the more passionate I became. I also realized that there were a limited choice of quality, natural hair care products on the market – so I decided to start my own venture.

leaf and hand

“I’d struck gold. Or – as you’ll soon know it – Argan Oil.”

Working closely with my sister, learning from her beauty knowledge and studying the hair car industry from root to tip, I soon had my eureka moment – surely the natural hair extensions she supplied her customers with needed a complementary natural product? Surely women needed more guarantee that what they were putting in their hair and on their skin was the best product available?

I’d struck gold. Or – as you’ll soon know it – Argan Oil.

This antidote from the earth literally ticks all the boxes: it’s organic and cruelty-free with zero synthetics and 100% natural. It’s also extremely affordable despite its handmade qualities. I had to do my bit to make argan oil a beauty essential for every woman.

Today, I invite those who seek to be the best version of themselves; confident, healthy and happy; to take shelter under the boughs of The Lushery. Our community is constantly growing – it’s the perfect place to seek advice and find a solution to your beauty woes that stands the test of time.


Welcome to The Lushery.

Mike, Founder